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Letting go into the New Year

This is a guide to completing an end of the year ritual to help leave behind what is no longer serving you and to identify what you want to take with you into 2022.

Things to begin: Set aside time to complete this ritual 20-30minutes should be enough. You may choose to play music that inspires you, light incense or a candle, take time to create a space that feels supportive of reflection to honor the introspection you are about to begin.

1: Identify the years most impactful experiences.

What were the biggest moments? What were some of the hardest things? What were some of the most joyful experiences?

Example: A relationship ending, moving, getting a new job, starting therapy ;)

2) What have I learned about myself this year?

What were your biggest accomplishment? What are strengths you can recognize that helped you through this year? What are you most proud of when you look back at the year? Example: triggers, passions, interests.

3) What are things I want to let go of this year?

Think of different areas (Relationships, work, health, family, finances, personal development) of your life and reflect on challenges and things that you would like to shift in these areas.

Example: Self-doubt, co-dependency, bad habits, poor self-discipline.

4) How do I want to feel in the new year?

How do I want to feel in my (relationships, body, home, family, friendships, career)

Example: Connected, peaceful, healthier, inspired, inflow, heard, respected, valued.

5) Identify what are things I am welcoming in this year?

Envision what would have to shift for you to feel the way you want to feel? What would have to shift in order for you to let go?

Example: More intentional time, following intuition, routine.

Reflect on the above prompts to help gain understanding of your challenges, strengths and desires to set aligned intentions for the new year.

*bonus- In earth based psychotherapy and other traditions, it is encouraged to utilize earth based elements to help symbolically release. Taking your "Letting go list" and either burn, gift to water, air, earth.

Comment below any comments/questions and receive a free meditation on Releasing into the New Year.



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